Friday, September 28, 2007

top secret meeting

Transportation for Liveable Communities Meeting

Begins at October 4th 06:30 PM
Ends at October 4th 08:00 PM
Organized by Transportation for Liveable Communities

OPIRG's Sustainable Transportation group is meeting to plan future events and campaigns to support public transit, cycling, and walking initiatives at McMaster, in Hamilton, and beyond.

All are welcome, no special knowledge required - if you get around without a car in the city, you probably know what needs doing...

McMaster University Student Centre room 224

Draft Agenda
1. Debrief Car Free Week
2. Thank You cards
3. Upcoming Issues
a) Light Rail
b) One Way Streets to Two Way (anniversary of 1956 change at end of Oct)
c) Bike Racks on GO buses?
d) event with Transit Users Group to celebrate bike racks on HSR
e) other....

Please RSVP to and forward the invitation to people who might be interested (especially McMaster students!)

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