Monday, October 03, 2011

Back to Front Entrance

The problematic front entrance at McMaster University's Main Street entry point that went from bad to worse with a major re-design and construction in 2007 is back on the drawing board at the University.

While we couldn't locate anything about the project on the McMaster web site page for the front entrance, or parking and transit, we did receive a copy of the pdf document prepared by consultants on the project for the university.

TLC will be following up with the university and city council about this major intersection that currently presents a dangerous situation for cyclists and pedestrians.

With the newly paved rail trail connection south of Main Street, there needs to be a way for cyclists to access the campus with some specific infrastructure in any new design at this location.

Improving the pedestrian crossings is also a priority for TLC, as the current design attempts (and fails) to serve automobile traffic at the expense of all other modes.

The McMaster University Faculty Association has been monitoring the situation, and some details about the project can be found in their newsletter.

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