Wednesday, November 12, 2008

google goes transit

check it out tomorrow!

You can now ride the HSR with Google

There will soon be fewer excuses to be late for class or for work.

The city of Hamilton's public works department has been working with Google programmers for the past few months to add local transit routes to the popular Google map interface.

It means that, in addition to the best route to drive between point A and point B, you can also find out what bus to take and what the transfer points are if it's more than one bus.

The service goes live tomorrow. The illustration above uses a Vancouver to-from example to show how it will work.

Hamilton is the fifth city in Canada to receive this treatment. Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and Fredericton were first.

How did Hamilton get the service before Toronto?

Google spokesperson Tamara Micner says the city of Hamilton was "very co-operative" in the partnership.

In a separate, unrelated announcement yesterday, Google publicized an interactive component to its Google Earth service that allows you to stroll through the streets of Ancient Rome.

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