Saturday, September 27, 2008

no parking!

Funny how if you park a big-ass SUV in a parking spot and go off for an hour, no one thinks twice. But put a quarter in the meter and hang out with friends and meet other people, and you become a threat to the general welfare...

Here (pictured, above) grease and oil stained parking spaces are transformed from a waste place to store a vehicle, into a people place. People stopped by even before the sod arrived (it was late) and moved a table and chairs onto the parking space to enjoy their fair trade coffee from My Dog Joe.

A pinata of a Hummer was filled with prizes, including some bike reflective leg-bands and a kids' bicycle horn from local bike shop Pieriks, some coffee coupons from My Dog Joe; also on hand were city cycling maps and Hamilton waterfall maps, which were popular with passerby.

Photo: Sarah Kam
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