Thursday, July 03, 2008

GO bike bus

This unlikely crowd gathered here to media-launch the front mounted bicycle racks on Hamilton-Toronto and Hamilton-Aldershot GO buses shows some depth to the Hamilton Cycling and alt-trans scene.
These are indeed heady times, with lots of sustainable transportation options bearing fruit and supporting non-automotive mobility.
The GO folks did a good job inviting reps from various local groups besides politicians and city staff; on hand, reps from the city cycling committee, the ACT office at McMaster, St. Joseph's Health Care, and MaCycle, and of course TLC.
Thanks to GO and to Daryl Bender, City Cycling Coordinator for pulling the PR together!
Now, like the singer says, "Get on your bikes and RIDE!"
(By August 2nd, 2008, all GO buses on the Hamilton-Toronto/Hamilton-Aldershot corridor will have the capacity to carry two bicycles on these front mounted racks, year round)

Thanks to Robert Konjek, MTO Communications, supplying the photo.


Anonymous said...

Too bad that lovely blue tandem is not permitted.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess they can't do every kind of bicycle, the tandem will have to go by train (off peak hours, and weekends)...