Thursday, May 29, 2008

never mind the bollards

May 27, 2008

[Letter sent to city councillors Powers and McHattie, city cycling staff, and public works, also local media]:

Transportation for Liveable Communities (TLC) is a volunteer working group of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group at McMaster University. TLC seeks to improve conditions and infrastructure that supports and actively encourages healthy and sustainable transportation modes, including walking, transit, cycling and car pooling.

Earlier this month, a pedestrian and her dog were hit by a car which made a left-hand turn from Olympic Drive onto the Cootes cycling/pedestrian path. The car traveled nearly 2 kilometers on the path before hitting the pedestrian and her dog.

In light of this incident, and on behalf of TLC, I am writing to request a modest change to the intersection of Cootes and Olympic Drive in Dundas, namely in the intersection of Olympic Drive and the Cootes cycling/pedestrian path.

The intersection in question has no signs or barriers indicating that cars are not permitted on this path. Instead, there is a wide, paved section which leads from the road to the path, which can cause confusion for out-of-town or new-to-town individuals. (The former was the case with the above mentioned driver.) Signs indicating no motorized vehicles are only to be found once a person is actually on the path.

Due to this accident and the confusing opening to the Olympic Drive/Cootes path, TLC would like to request the installation of a soft, break-away style, yellow reflective bollard, at least 150cm tall installed in the centre of the paved section not closer than 100 cm to the edge of the Cootes path and at least 200 cm from the edge of the curb lane of Cootes Drive, along with an appropriate sign indicating no access for motor vehicles.

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this important pedestrian and cycling safety consideration.


Anita Toth

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