Thursday, April 17, 2008

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You are welcome to attend a Community "Walk-About" at Governor's Road, Thursday, May 29, 2008.

Meet participants including city traffic staff, public health officials, politicians, parents and children at 3:15 at Governor's Road outside St Bernadette's school, 270 Governor's Road, Dundas ON.

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This event will be a feet and wheels on the ground opportunity to examine the area from a non-automotive perspective.

The aim is to bring to light some of the traffic safety issues effecting pedestrians and cyclists on this road. A facilitated de-brief will conclude the hour or so walk, to be conducted at Sir William Osler school (330 Governor's Road at Bridlewood)

The aim is to bring together recommendations to enhance the area for walkers and cyclists, including the many children and young adults attending the three schools in the immediate area, and area residents.

TLC received a grant from Safe Kids Canada to bring about this event as part of Safe Kids Week 2008.

Come out if you are interested in making this area safe for all!

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