Monday, September 24, 2007

whatever the weather: car free!

Wednesday's forecast is for a chance of showers. so all you have to do is dress for the weather and join us as we bus and then hike to Tiffany Falls: to be honest, a little precipitation makes the woods look more, well, saturated with colour, and it may add to the flow of the falls.

Drought conditions are severe these days, with parts of Cootes Paradise marsh and upper reaches of Spencer Creek running dry. So rain? Bring it on!

Remember we are meeting at 5:30pm SHARP! (so we don't miss the bus) Wednesday (S.26) at the bus stop by the McMaster Museum of Art.

Full time Mac students bring your student card with valid HSR sticker, everyone else bring your pass/ticket/cash fare (bus drivers cannot make change, so exact change is $2.25)

We'll be gone for a couple hours all told.

Participants will also receive bike route, waterfalls, and eat local maps.

Our guide is Alf Senior from the Hamilton Naturalist Club.

REMINDER - Transit Talk at the Sky Dragon Centre (27 King William St) at 7pm tonight (Monday, September 24, 2007)

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