Saturday, January 26, 2013

The future was 1941...

Local historian Brian Henley blogs today about gasoline rationing as reported in the Hamilton Spectator in 1941. Three key ingredients to a more sustainable future are contained within the full article, including, trading the car for bicycles, driving slower to cut fuel consumption, and electric vehicles, apparently an old and efficient technology. It's too bad that there isn't the same recognition of our need to change how we get around today. Check out the entire blog post with more photos at

“THE BICYCLE IS HERE TO STAY — There is one family in this city that took to heart the government’s request to conserve gasolene and oil. They are Mr. And Mrs. Henry Reseigh, 219 1/2 King Street East, who sold their car when the new gas regulations came into effect and bought these bicycles. They are pictured with their six-year-old son, Billy, as they were leaving yesterday for a picnic to Albion falls. The lunch may be seen in Billy’s carrier. They have gained a healthy hobby, they are being patriotic, and they are “having a better time than they ever had driving a car.”
The Hamilton Spectator. July 24, 1941.

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