Saturday, December 15, 2012

Good News for Governor's

Reporting on the recent tragedy on Governor's Road in Dundas, the Dundas Star news article quoted a Hamilton traffic staffer with some news TLCers will be happy to hear:
"Gallo said he does not anticipate the city acting on the Downtown Dundas Transportation Master Plan recommendation to widen Governor’s Road.
“It’s dependent on future need, and that can change,” Gallo said. “It would need another environmental assessment because it’s been five years (since the DDTMP). It’s not as simple as saying it’s approved and it happens.”
This is a huge relief, since widening would only compound problems on this road, as TLC noted in comments on the Downtown Dundas Transportation Master Plan in 2008 and 2010.

Now is the time to implement long-delayed (and low cost) improvements to the walking and cycling environments in keeping with Dundas's small town character. We would go further today and suggest a road diet for Governor's for the stretch where there is an extra lane (between Ogilvie and Creighton) and turning it into bike lanes on both sides of the road, as called for in the city's Shifting Gears Cycling Plan.

More on this area in the near future.

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