Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bike Box in Ottawa (photo R.K.)
"The first bike-box in Hamilton is about to be installed on Studholme Road at Aberdeen Avenue. A bike box is used at intersections to designate a space for cyclists to wait in front of cars at a red traffic signal so cyclists are more visible to auto drivers. A bike box minimizes confussion between left-turning cyclists and right-turning cars as well. The City of Guelph has created an informative video to explain how both bicycles and automobiles are to operate at bike boxes.  Click here to get informed." (source: City of Hamilton)

The installation of the bike box accompanies the installation of a traffic light of course (pictured during installation), which will make this intersection safer by addressing poor sight-lines at the rail bridge.

This intersection will be significant for cyclists seeking to connect from Aberdeen and Studholme to use the new addition to the Hamilton to Brantford Rail trail.

These projects in the city's Ward One will be augmented by recently announced Bike Lanes for Dundurn Street North between King and York Blvd. 

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