Tuesday, June 21, 2011

from rail to trail: bridge over Highway 403

 The long awaited development of the cycling and pedestrian link over highway 403 is underway! Paving this section of what will be an extension of the Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail will allow safer cycling and hiking between the Kirkendall Neighbourhood and West Hamilton. Construction signs announce the coming activity, between Fortinos and the railyard at Studholme drive.
 This route is already well utilized by cyclists and joggers, but the paving and lighting of the path will enhance the experience, and give more human-powered commuters an off-road option.
[Above: Front end loader shifting gravel on the actual bridge over the highway.]
The highway through the Chedoke creek valley is one of the major barriers to sustainable transportation between west hamilton/Westdale and downtown since it's construction in the 1960s.
The projected completion date for this project is late September 2011.

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Cyclist said...

Why pave this when the rest of the Rail Trail is not paved? Once the pavement cracks in a few years, as in the East Escarpment Trail, it will be a mess and dangerous, with sinking holes.