Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Getting over highways

The Spec is reporting that work is beginning on a new Pedestrian/Cycling bridge over the Lincoln Alexander highway at Arbour Road, and the work is resuming on a larger ped/cycling span over the QEW highway, with both projects slated for completion this October. The paper further reports that:
The East Hamilton Recreational Trail Hub & Waterfront Link project also involves an accessible paved trail from Nash Road North to Brampton Street and the extension of the Red Hill Valley Trail from Barton Street to Brampton Street
Unfortunately, the links to the detailed project descriptions on the city cycling page are broken.

UPDATE: We alerted city staff and they have updated the links to the project descriptions mentioned above. Here are the new links:

Check here for a site map of the Arbour Road bridge, or here for an earlier article with an artistic rendering of the bridge over the QEW.


Pedal Powered Family said...

will this new bridge link the caledonia rail trail and the rail trail that goes down the escarpment towards wentworth street? cause that would be awesome.

tlc said...

That's the one! It is going to be very beneficial, another example of the need to fix "broken links" in the cycling route network.

Question for you: has the Caledonia trail been completed yet? It's been a couple years since I rode out there and it stopped short of the final destination.