Saturday, July 24, 2010

the buck stops here

Locke Street gets paid street parking with a two hour limit.

City council previously voted to bring parking rates up to $1 per hour across the city and install paid parking on Locke Street, and in Stoney Creek (King Street), Ancaster (Wilson Street) and Waterdown (Dundas Street). The provincial average for street parking is $1.46/hour. [report to council]

Paid street parking is expected to bring in an extra $1.45 million each year, and will contribute to higher turnover in curbside parking which will benefit businesses, as well as encourage some people to shift to walking, cycling or transit. [more on parking meters here]

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Anonymous said...

While I would love to think that the city would use the money from parking meters towards more cycling- and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, or that having to pay for parking there would encourage more people to cycle, I truly doubt either will happen to any noticeable extent. Not until we see a clear commitment not only of municipal government, but also of local communities and BIAs, in that direction, allocating moneys from parking directly to specific alternatives.

We need to get people in our communities fired up about alternatives!