Thursday, May 06, 2010

Dundurn between Main and Aberdeen

Bike lanes, finally! Plenty of bike action on the new lanes, hopefully the world will still revolve and we can all learn to get along. Thanks to Councillor McHattie for holding the line as some local business people tried to kill the bike lanes over the loss of some on street parking.

Somebody needs to tell people who think it is VIP parking in front of the beer store now. Here's Ancaster Taxi blocking this afternoon.
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Anonymous said...

Cycling is good, it's great to see the bike lines since then I don't have swerve around the bikes on the road and it's safer for everyone.

That said, I'd like to point out a few things I've noticed commonly happening.

Bike lanes are for bikes, not joggers, joggers get on the sidewalk where you belong.

Bikers, get off the side walk, I like to walk but I hate jumping out of your way when you are on the sidewalk.

Bikers, go the right way on the road, if it's a one way road, you are suspose to go the right way as well.

It's a mutual respect thing, if cyclist's want motorist to respect them, they need to respect the rules of the road as well. There are lots of cyclists that are respectful, but there are a lot who ride wherever they want to.