Saturday, May 08, 2010

the booze lane?

The newly installed bike lanes on Dundurn South continue to attract law breaking drivers who consider their personal convenience before any civic duty (civility). So far, every time I've passed this spot there are cars blocking the bike lane. Next door at the beer store:

This gentleman was told by a beer store employee not to park in the bike lane, which he ignored and went to get his case regardless. The employee told me that by-law had handed out some tickets today (Saturday), but in my short visit there were five different vehicles using the bike lane in front of the LCBO and Beer store. Perhaps installing some bollards will be necessary to prevent these ongoing violations.

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N E said...

Perhaps it's time that Hamilton started a chapter on

Anonymous said...

I'm all for bike lanes but the way they were done on Dundurn st is completely wrong. By putting the parking on the southbound side where there are very few stores you have made this a complete pain for everyone. I have never stopped in the bike lane (and never will) but I'm always swerving into on coming traffice to avoid people illegally parked and cyclists that are dodging around them. These bike lanes were put in with no consideration for enforcement or thought to how parking should be done. The police need a much higher presence here NOW and in the long term the parking lane needs to be moved to the southbound side.

Anonymous said...

I mean the parking lane needs to be moved to the north bound side.