Wednesday, April 28, 2010

University Plaza adds some bike parking

While TLC never heard back from RIOCAN about the lack of adequate bike parking at University Plaza in Dundas, there have been two new racks installed on the south section of the plaza! It would have been nice to have them communicate with us about the style of racks to use, the ones they chose not being the best from a security standpoint. Preferable would have been the style that was previously the only rack at the plaza, where cyclists can easily lock their bicycle frame to the rack with an u-lock.
 This rack is placed by the Toy Store, and some vacant stores. You can see how the rack provides limited opportunity to secure a bicycle frame to the rack with a u-lock.

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Jeremy said...

I have been a frequent user of the original bike rack at UP, but knew nothing of your campaign. I had often got dirty looks from bus drivers when trying to park outside the Bulk Barn - and thought they might have prompted the new rack, or at least its location.

Jeremy Woodley