Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Support fully functional rail trail for west Hamilton

April 14, 2010

Transportation for Liveable Communities Hamilton
PO Box 19, 1280 Main Street West
Hamilton ON L8S 1C0

Councillor McHattie and Daryl Bender,

Transportation for Liveable Communities is writing in support of the planned trail improvements on the former rail corridor, between Fortinos (south of Main St. W. on Rifle Range Road) and Studholme.

As advocated for sustainable transportation, TLC has for years supported the building of this trail, and as we near implementation we are eager to see it go forward.

We anticipate the trail will be well used by people commuting or seeking access to recreation and retail opportunities by bicycle, on foot or with mobility aids. Upon completion this trail will be a welcome alternative to existing on-road routes that cross the 403 on King or Main Streets, which, due to traffic speeds and volumes, are not always conducive to an inviting cycling environment for young families and beginner cyclists. This trail will provide a scenic and safe route for such users.

By rehabilitating this former rail line, an environmentally degraded area with limited use will now serve to meet the needs of citizens seeking alternatives to private automobile use while creating a cleaner and safer environment for a wide range of users.

TLC supports the paving of this section, since this will allow for snow-clearing in winter, and will provide a stable surface year round for cyclists and pedestrians, thus promoting a shift away from automobile dependency and toward sustainable and non-polluting transportation. The plan to have lighting along the trail will further enhance safety for users.

TLC encourages the city to engage best practices with respect to environmentally sound snow and ice control, to ensure this path remains an asset to the community year round.

Thank you for your consideration,

Randy Kay
for Transportation for Liveable Communities

Transportation for Liveable Communities
(TLC) Hamilton
905-525-9140 ext. 26026
PO Box 19, 1280 Main Street West
Hamilton ON L8S 1C0

Advocates for sustainable transportation in Hamilton since 2000

(photo of trail on former rail line to be paved)


Trail supporter said...

The plan calls for a 5 metre wide path, but the city's design guide
only requires 4 metres - why the extra metre?

tlc said...

The answer from the city staff:
"The Waterfront Trail along the West Harbour is 6.0m wide. We expect the trail to be very well used similar to the waterfront - people walking side-by-side, wheelchairs, bicycles in two directions... With two directions of flow, people meeting, passing, lingering... it will get quite busy - plus the peak of that activity is expected to be near the Emerson intersection. The trail narrows to about 4.0/4.5 m on the east side of Stroud.

Hope this helps,

Daryl Bender B.E.S.
Project Manager, Alternative Transportation
Traffic Engineering Section, Public Works
City of Hamilton
905-546-2424 x 2066"

Anonymous said...

You are not serious about sustainable transportation or else you would be proposing restoring the rail line so it could be used by electrified passenger trains as well as building a path along side! >:(