Monday, November 09, 2009

Valley Inn Bridge closed

Work underway on the old bailey bridge at Valley Inn Road, part of the improvements to the cycling and pedestrian environment that are to follow the fairly recent closure of the road to motor vehicles. Above, at around 2pm and below a couple hours later from the same side of the bridge.

My cycling partner and I were able to cross the bridge today, but we had to go over the flexible fencing to do so. Check back here to find out more about the bridge work and any expected work that would block passage.

UPDATE: checked the city web site for this project and this work is listed as the "first stage" of implementing the heritage design:
Implementation of the plan will occur in phases. It is anticipated that the works on the Hamilton side and the rehabilitation of the Valley Inn Road Bridge will be the first stage of the project. Discussions are ongoing with the City of Burlington to finalize interim termination details as no work on the Burlington side is anticipated in the first stage.
It would be helpful to know when, and for how long, the bridge will be out of commission for pedestrians and cyclists. Hopefully more info from staff is forthcoming. Stay tuned!

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