Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Latest newsletter on Downtown Dundas Transportation Master Plan, including a new roundabout for Governor's Road can be found at the city of Hamilton web site here.

Some key points from "The new recommendations added into the final version of the DDTMP are:

1. Intersection and Roadway Facility Improvements

  • Hatt Street Traffic Calming Study- undertake a traffic calming study to reduce vehicle speeds and provide additional pedestrian crossing locations.
  • Creekside Drive Traffic Calming Study- undertake a traffic calming study to reduce traffic infiltration and improve safety.
  • Governor’s Road / Ogilive Street Operational Improvements- modify the pavement markings on the northbound approach (Ogilive Street) to better delineate the commencement of the northbound right turn lane. Also, the horizon for improvements changed from long-term to medium and short-term.
  • Governor’s Road/ Main Street/ Osler Intersection Operations and Safety Improvement- provide exclusive northbound and southbound left turn lanes by widening Main Street and Osler Drive to a 5-lane cross-section. Optimize signal timing plans. Medium term horizon.
  • Hatt Street/Memorial Square Intersection- monitor transportation operations to determine if improvements are warranted in the future to address capacity shortfalls for the southbound approach (short term).
  • Market Street/Hatt Street Intersection- Add a westbound and eastbound left turn lanes with 15 metre storage bays.

2. Transit Facility Alternatives
  • Implement a zone bus service to replace conventional fixed route transit. Provide connection to B-line service at University Plaza
  • Ensure appropriate transit shelters and passenger amenities/information at highly used stops and at Node locations .
  • Identify opportunities to provide transit priority features encompassing physical improvements and technology improvements where transit vehicles are delayed. This may be near the transit terminal and connection to the B-line service.
  • Investigate developing a multi-modal facility in Dundas just outside the Downtown area that strengthens linkages to the existing facility located at McMaster University;
  • Establish park and ride facilities at key transit hubs. In Dundas, a logical location for a park and ride facility would be at the University Plaza. An agreement would be made with the plaza owner to reserve a small number of spaces that would allow Dundas residents to connect to the B-Line.

3. Cycling Facility Improvements

View Dundas - cycling recommendations in Downtown Dundas Transportation Master Plan in a larger map
On Street Bike Lanes- Implement cycling facility improvements per direction provided in City-Wide Cycling Master Plan update. Facilities in Downtown Dundas include:
  • King Street West: cycling lanes from Market Street to Bond Street
  • Market Street: cycling lanes from Governor’s Road to King Street West
  • Hatt Street: cycling lanes from Market Street to Main Street
  • Sydenham Street / Memorial Square: cycling lanes from Hatt Street to Romar Drive
  • Main Street / Osler Drive: cycling lanes from King Street to Main Street West
  • Ogilvie Street: cycling lanes from Hatt Street to the multi-use trail south of Dundana Avenue
  • York Street: cycling lanes from King Street East to Olympic Drive
  • Governor’s Road: cycling lanes from Cootes Drive to Binkley Road

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