Thursday, June 04, 2009


Public input on proposed line
The Hamilton Spectator, (Jun 4, 2009)

City staff are recommending King Street and Main Street revert back to
two-way traffic for the new rapid transit line proposed to cross
Hamilton between McMaster University and Eastgate Square.

Staff prefer a typical transit system running along the median of King
Street, with vehicle traffic in the north and south curb lanes. The
two main arteries would convert to two-way traffic between Paradise
Road in the west and the Delta in the east.

Council and citizens have overwhelmingly backed a Light Rail Transit
(LRT) for the line, but that still has to be decided by the provincial
agency MetroLinx and it could support a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Residents can learn more about the staff preference at an open house
next Tuesday at the Sheraton Hotel, between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.

The city wants to hear what residents think about the proposed
operation and also to confirm support for a LRT. It held two open
houses this week, one held in west Hamilton Monday that was attended
by 20 people.

Lisa Zinkewich, senior project manager, said a transit line running
down the median would disrupt the least traffic and has also been
shown to boost economic development.

One resident, Larry Berberick, said at an open house last night he
prefers to have the system in the south curb lanes and keep Main and
King as one way streets.

"My thinking is this would be safer."

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