Saturday, June 27, 2009

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From left, Alex Michulan, Brenda Johnson, Don Hull and Budh Dhillon cut into the birthday cake at the Passport to Hamiton's first birthday celebration.
Superintendent Ted Thomas enjoys a piece of birthday cake.

HSR pass provides discounts around city

Environment Hamilton and partners give you a gem to see other gems in Hamilton

Joana Draghici, Special To The News
Published on Jun 26, 2009

Free energy-savings kits, cake and a special tour bus were not the only excitement at the Passport to Hamilton birthday celebration. Environment Hamilton also received a $50,000 grant from the Hamilton Community Foundation.

"We've supported Environment Hamilton on a number of occasions. They are an important voice for the environment," said Sharon Charters, manager of grants at the Hamilton Community Foundation, who shared the news with residents on June 16.

Environment Hamilton has partnered with more than 80 locations in the city, including museums, recreation centres, restaurants and cafes to offer discounts for groups that present a valid HSR day pass.

An $8 transit pass allows groups to travel by transit all day around the city. Two adults can travel with up to four youth under the age of 19, one adult with up to five youth, or up to six youth together. In comparison, six passengers taking transit would pay a total of $14.10 for a single bus trip.

"This pass is a gem to see all the gems in the city," said Brenda Johnson, project manager at Environment Hamilton. "We want to eliminate the stigma that goes with taking transit and not having a car -we are going to have fun on the bus."

Joined forces

Don Hull, director of transit in Hamilton, said he was proud to partner with Environment Hamilton on such an initiative. He said the sales of HSR passes have gone up 55 per cent since they joined forces last year.

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be part of this event because transit is a key component in the environmental solution," he said.

Duane Dahl, assistant director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hamilton, said having the city map makes people aware of where to go, and the HSR pass provides the opportunity for kids and parents, especially low income families, to visit these sites together.

Anne-Marie Lavelle, who was at the celebration with her husband and daughter, said this was the first time she heard about the transit pass.

“Because I live on the Mountain I can see using it a lot,” Mrs. Lavalle said. “This is good for families that would spend a lot more on the bus without the pass.”

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