Friday, January 09, 2009

Bus and Hike: Dundurn to Gage Park on the Bruce Trail

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A roughly two hour hike along the Bruce Trail with spectacular views of the City from the Escarpment, and no need to worry about parking at either end of this hike if you use the bus service (details in the map).
This route follows the Main Trail of the Bruce Trail, and then the Gage Park Side Trail.

TLC encourages and promotes Bus and Hikes as a way of lessening our ecological footprint when engaging in outdoor activities. Integrating transit at even one end of a hike allows hikers to bus back to their car, cutting the use of cars in half (it is fairly common for two or more hikers t0 use cars at each end of a hike, leaving a car at one end of a trail, and carpooling in a second car to the trailhead); as you will see, many of the routes in the Hamilton area can be managed without needing a car at all.

Check out the Dundurn to Dundas (ON) map at

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