Saturday, September 20, 2008

water cycles

Continuing the TRAILER PARK theme of bicycle trailers, here is the flatbed construction designed by John Milton for the time he was a contractor doing house renos, all without a motor vehicle - John handed it off to me for use as a canoe trailer when he switched careers, and it served me well until a break in the main beam finally rendered it out of service.

The combination garnered lots of looks as I made my way down the streets to the nearest river access, and some approving comments when I pulled into the beer store on the way home...

In practical terms, it is much easier and less messy to attach the canoe to the trailer than it is to tie on to a car rooftop - no climbing under the car on greasy pavement to secure the ropes, less lifting, and you can just toss your paddles, lifejackets and other gear in the canoe and go. Talk about efficiency!

These days I've taken to walking the canoe the three kilometers using portage wheels, so I don't even have to worry about my bicycle being left unattended at river's edge. The strap on wheels fold up and fit in the canoe so you can leave no trace of your journey behind.

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