Saturday, September 06, 2008


This Cargo Cart is a versatile little puppy: you can attach it to the seatpost of your bicycle with a clip on the handle, or use it as a hand cart - it can haul a lot, and a bungee chord can add some stuff to the top on the lid. I use this regularly to carry 40 pounds of water from an artesian well in the Dundas Valley, but it can do groceries, trips to the beer store, and even stand-in as a make-shift wheel-barrow to carry soil.

It's an all terrain vehicle for the human powered. Beats a bundle buggy in mud anyday. Snow banks crumble under the 20 inch bicycle tires. I borrow mine from Mac Green at McMaster. I'm not sure where they ordered them from, but I found this Canadian site that makes them here.
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The cart in your photo is a Grocery Getter. It was invented by former Tour de France rider Tony Hoar, a resident of Vancouver Island.

Tony's Trailers are very robust. Two trailers specially built by Tony were recently used on a human powered kayak/bicycling expedition from Scotland to Turkey. To learn more about the expedition, visit To see some of the really inventive trailers Tony makes, visit


Randy said...

Hey! Thanks for the background info on this. Thanks for stopping by.