Saturday, August 30, 2008


No new crossing guards on Governor's Road

Craig Campbell, Dundas Star News. Published on Aug 29, 2008

Despite ongoing pedestrian safety concerns around three Governor's Road schools, no crossing guards are being added.

With classes set to start within days, Dundas students will begin the year with only seven crossing guards, compared to the nine in place a year ago.

Three local crossing guard locations were removed over the past year. Only one crossing guard was added, at Bridlewood and Governor's, since the opening of Sir William Osler School last winter. The elementary school took on the student populations of both Dundas District and Central Park, as well as some Dundana students.

The City of Hamilton rejected a request from St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School's principal to relocate the Creighton and Governor's guard to Huntingwood Road - an uncontrolled intersection more commonly used by students than the stoplight-protected intersection at Creighton. A 15-year-old Highland High School student was struck by a car while crossing at Hungtingwood two years ago. There have been many near collisions and several vehicle collisions there.

Participants in a pedestrian safety walkabout of the three neighbouring Governor's Road schools supported the requested relocation of a guard, as well as potentially adding an extra crossing guard for Sir William Osler.

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