Sunday, August 24, 2008

trailer park

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I wouldn't be able to do as much as I can without my bike trailer. When the kids were small, it was them, diaper bags, and groceries, some library material.

For a while the two oldest would sing loudly as we pedaled through residential streets "hang down your head, Tom Dooley, hang down your head and cry..."

Now they are too big to fit in the trailer, riding their own bicycles instead, but I still use the trailer for jobs moving things. Still need groceries, library material, and things like beer, or any shopping that i can fit in, strap on and pedal up hills.

I got this one used for $400 about eight years ago, making it my second trailer.
It folds down flat in seconds, and I hang it at the bottom of the basement stairs from a couple hardware hooks in the ceiling.

Investing a little money in bike gear can make being car free that much more possible. With three kids, my wife and I have managed quite well, incorporating a variety of means to accomplish daily tasks: pubic transit, bikes, and walking mean only occasionally needing use of an automobile.

Trailers are versatile and indispensable for expanding your options when it comes to doing things without using a car.

There is a going to be a "Trailer Park" at the September 6 Locke Street Festival to showcase human power for moving people and things. Get your bungee chords, your panniers, your milk crates, and your trailers out and come compare notes.

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