Friday, July 04, 2008

artists way?

Downtown transportation master plan accepting submissions

Car free Ogilvie suggested

Craig Campbell
Published on Jul 04, 2008

Reviewing the potential for a car-free space on Ogilvie Street between King Street West and Hatt Street, also known as Artist's Way and home to such landmarks as the Carnegie Gallery, Dundas Library, and Dundas Valley School of Art, has been suggested in a submission to the Downtown Dundas Transportation Master Plan.

In a five page submission by Transportation for Liveable Communities (TLC) to Natasha D'Souza, project manager for the downtown Dundas transportation review, the local organization raises several key issues it feels the project should address including transit problems, new bike lanes, more pedestrian crossings on Hatt Street, roundabouts, sidewalk snow clearing strategies and improvements to pedestrian crossing signals.

The submission describes the section of Ogilvie between two local arts institutions as "an excellent space for cultural gatherings" and a possible pedestrian priority area.

"The current state of sidewalks on this street is sub-par and an impediment to mobility."

According to TLC's submission, Ogilvie pedestrian areas are currently too narrow and obstructed by parking meters. It suggests wider, barrier-free sidewalks are necessary if pedestrian mobility is to be well-served.

TLC also encourages a new effort to improve The Spencer Creek Trail, linking pedestrians to local shopping, business and recreation facilities, along the historic creek.

A preliminary report on transportation within downtown Dundas by city staff found most key intersections will be able to handle anticipated increases in population and traffic.

Those findings have moved the master plan's focus to sustainable transportation, including bicycle infrastructure and pedestrian-related improvements.

A preliminary stakeholders meeting to gather information was poorly attended, but the master plan is accepting public submissions in advance of the plan's expected completion in September, and final report in November.

Full details of the master plan and contact information can be found on the City of Hamilton's website (

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