Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The City of Hamilton response to TLC concerns about transportation issues associated with the McMaster Innovation Park development.

RE: City of Hamilton
Frid Street, Schedule C
Class Environmental Assessment

Dear Mr. Dukas:

On behalf of the City of Hamilton, we would like to thank you for providing comments to PIC #2 for the above-noted study.

During and following PIC #2, the following comments were noted from the public:

  • Improve accessibility for pedestrians;
  • Consider “Safety First”;
  • Provide for designated bicycle lanes;
  • Provide landscape/urban design boulevards;
  • “Do it right the first time”; and,
  • Retain and provide accessibility for Historic Power Plant.

In response to these comments, the City of Hamilton indicated that the preferred design alignment and cross-section for the Frid Street extension be modified to take into consideration comments provided by the public during the Public Consultation process.

For the existing section of Frid Street between Main Street and Chatham Street, the 23m right-of-way (ROW) identified in the Kirkendall Neighbourhood Traffic Management Plan (TMP) remains as this is an existing developed area.

For the new section of Frid Street between Chatham Street and Longwood Road, the City and landowners have agreed that 26m right-of-way be provided to incorporate designated bike lanes, sidewalks on both sides and wider boulevards as requested by the public.

In the Schedule C Environmental Study Report (ESR), the following typical cross-section for the existing section of Frid Street between Main Street and Chatham Street (23m ROW) is as follows:

  • 2 wide travel lanes at 4.25m per lane to accommodate a signed bike route;
  • 3.5m centre-turn lane providing safe vehicle access/egress to businesses;
  • 3.0m boulevard, both sides, allowing snow storage and separation between pedestrian and vehicles;
  • 1.5m sidewalks, both sides; and,
  • 1.0m available for urban/design landscaping treatment to be determined during detailed design.

For safety purposes, the preferred alignment does not provide for on-street parking.

Pedestrian access/crossing will be provided at intersections.

The following typical cross-section for the new section of Frid Street between Chatham Street and Longwood Road (26m ROW) is as follows:

  • 2 travel lanes at 3.5m per lane;
  • 3.4m centre-turn lane;
  • 1.8m designated bicycle lanes on both sides;
  • 1.5m sidewalks on both sides;
  • Minimum 3.0m boulevards on both sides; and,
  • Curbs and property buffers.

It is noted that the centre-turn lane is provided for safe access/egress to proposed development and in the case of the section between Longwood Road and the McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) access road; back to back left turn storage is provided.

No on-street parking is provided along this section of the Frid Street extension unless it can be aesthetically provided within urban design techniques approved by City of Hamilton staff.

Similar to the northern portion of Frid Street, pedestrian access will be provided at all intersections.

In order to provide protection and access to the Historic Power House, the edge of the road right-of-way is located 4m south of the Historic Power House south wall. This roadway grade at this location will require a retaining wall to be constructed at the edge of the road right-of-way. The retaining wall height provides the opportunity for a pedestrian access from Frid Street to the second storey of the Power House connection to a proposed tourist catwalk system within the Power House.

From the Kirkendall Neighbourhood TMP, this project was identified as the “Frid Street Extension”, in which this project name has been carried forth.

For further detail on the Project Team’s review of the comments provided by you are provided on attached Table 1.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself at 905-546-2424 Ext. 2732 or lskrypni@hamilton.ca or Jack Thompson, MRC at 905-823-8500 or jthompson@mrc.ca

Yours truly, Lorissa Skrypniak, MCIP, RPP
Public Works Senior Project Manager

cc. Randy Kay, TLC Jack Thompson, Project Manager

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