Saturday, April 26, 2008

60, 40, 50, but 70

Speed limit increasing, but go slow anyway

The Hamilton Spectator, (Apr 26, 2008)

The city is upping the speed limit on Cootes Drive after reducing it for public safety a year ago.

The limit of 40 kilometres an hour, reduced from 60 last May, was just too slow, said Councillor Russ Powers, chair of the public works committee.

"It's an unreasonable speed," he said, noting police handed out numerous speeding tickets. "Nobody drove 40."

As a compromise, the limit is being increased to 50 km/h.

Powers said McMaster and the city have also agreed to split the cost of installing a speed meter on the bridge over the road to tell drivers how fast they are going as they drive in from Dundas. The device costs roughly $25,000.

The city, police and the university have been working to make the pedestrian crossing on Cootes safer. Mac student Heather Watson, 19, was killed at the crossing in 2006.

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Anonymous said...

Because the best way to fix the behaviour of the people is to adjust the rules to fit what they want to do anyways. Where's the enlightened view point in that mess.