Sunday, April 13, 2008


April 13, 2008

Ms. Larissa Skrypniak
City of Hamilton

Dear Ms Skrypniak,

RE: TLC Comments on Frid St extension PIC #2

I am writing on behalf of “Transportation for Liveable Communities” (TLC), a working group of McMaster’s chapter of OPIRG (Ontario Public Research Interest Group).

TLC members have thoroughly examined the information provided at the PIC # 2 for Frid St extension and found the proposed design unacceptable because it is in stark contrast to the explicit transportation guiding principles for the Kirkendall neighbourhood traffic management study, which clearly highlight “Integrated urban transportation systems which promote non-auto travel modes, and pedestrian and vehicular circulation”.

The current plan as presented in the PIC is for a strip-mall like development that is anything but “Greenspace, pedestrian and cycling links connecting the site to larger open space networks” as indicated in the Kirkendall neighbourhood traffic management study.

TLC requests a dramatic re-design of the plans so they would follow the principles established in earlier public consultations. We further request that the modified plans will be subjected to public consultation in an additional PIC.

Specifically, we strongly object to the automobile-obsessed plans and request the following throughout all 3 sections of the road:

  • A maximum of 2 automobile lanes, each 3.5 m wide.
  • No middle turning lane for automobiles.
  • Sidewalks at least 3 m wide on BOTH sides of the street at all sections.
  • Marked bike lanes, at least 2 m wide on both sides of the road.
  • Parking lanes only where it is safe.
  • Curb extensions at any pedestrian crossings.
  • A median landscaped with trees.
  • A couple traffic circles at the section between Chatham and Longwood would help reduce automobile speed and enhance the community feeling of the McMaster Innovation Park.
  • The intersection of Frid and Chatham should have 90 degree turning radii and curb extensions. The current drawings suggest wide turning lanes that promote speeding by turning vehicles. An alternative may be a traffic circle.

Finally, we request that, according with the spirit of the Kirkendall neighbourhood traffic management study, the name of the project for the connecting road between Chatham St and Longwood Rd will be Chatham St rather than Frid St. This would emphasize the connection of the McMaster Innovation Park to the residential neighborhoods on its east side.

I should note that TLC members and local residents are upset about the current plans and consider further public and other actions if our reasonable requests are not met.

TLC members look forward to hearing from you about design changes.

Sincerely yours,

Reuven Dukas, For TLC.

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