Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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The battle over safety on Cootes Drive continues, now into it's fourth year.
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Some recent letters to the editor in the Dundas Star regarding the issue of pedestrian safety versus convenience of cars (i.e. not having to slow down) after an article showing that drivers continue to speed over the posted limits on Cootes Drive at the pedestrian crossing. Editorial comments added in brackets.

"When driving through this light on a daily basis, the biggest problem I see is not the people in the vehicles. It's the people on foot and on bikes. They have forgotten how to obey a cross walk signal. Don't Walk means Don't Walk! " [and 'don't speed' means 'don't speed!' Ed.]

"My six- and eight-year-olds know the rules about crossing the road. Let's spread the word to the people who cross Cootes Drive on a regular basis, and maybe adjusting speeds and narrowing roads will not be necessary." [why can't adults slow down and obey the rules of the road, like speed limits? Ed.]

or from another person:

"So why are most drivers speeding? I'll tell you. No consulting fees. Free of charge...40 km-h is ridiculous." [unless you consider safety and the direct correlation between speed and injury/death. Ed.]

"And to make it all worse, if you happen to come around the bend and into the 40 km-h zone at some freakishly high speed of, say, 60 km-h or 65 km-h, you will likely face a big fine and a huge jump in your insurance rates." [not if you aren't speeeding! Ed.]

"And if Mr. Kay had his way, there would be a police car there morning, noon and night looking to cash in on us crazy speed demons." [actually, no, we would have what the consultants suggested when they put the lights in: lane narrowing, and other traffic calming to slow speeding cars down. Ed]

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