Thursday, October 25, 2007

dead end streets - oct 28

5:00 PM On October 28, 1956 overnight, Hamilton changed many of its downtown streets to one way. This action effectively killed the vibrancy and life of these streets and our downtown. Join the memorial for these lost streets and demand their conversion to liveable two-way again. Location: Gore Park, Downtown Hamilton, Hamilton,

Transportation for Liveable Communities

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

to eat or drive, that is the question.

Ethanol demand pushing up cost of staple foods

The Hamilton Spectator

Toronto (Oct 23, 2007)

The cost of everything from tortillas to cereals and corn starch will rise in Canada because America's policy of subsidizing ethanol to cut dependence on foreign oil has led to rising demand for corn, says a report released yesterday.

Corn-based staples like tortillas have become more costly, along with other grains, fruits and vegetables that are pushed aside as farmers cash in on corn, said CIBC World Markets' chief economist Jeff Rubin.

"When you add it all up it's fairly significant because food inflation is already well over 4 per cent and we would expect it to move higher as more and more corn production is diverted to ethanol as is required under President Bush's plan," Rubin added.

U.S. governments provide massive subsidies -- $8 billion last year -- to encourage ethanol producers to expand and corn farmers to supply the crops to help make the fuel. The growing diversion into ethanol has resulted in a 60 per cent rise in corn prices in the past two years, Rubin said. Corn prices are more than $3.60 US a bushel.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

belated car free week events related...

"the 4th annual bike in movie at Gage park (Thursday, S. ) was a success with approximately 110 men women and children and two dogs in attendance to enjoy the 'Back yardigans' and the main feature 'A night at the museum'...we were entertained by hackey sackers with a ghetto blaster as the pre- game show" - Gord

And Critical Mass blew through town Friday (S. 28) with roughly 30 riders who went from Hess Village, through Westdale and back downtown via Main Street, ahead of a whole lotta cars...
(thanks to Mike Ventresca for the photos)