Saturday, September 22, 2007

Parking Meter Party for CFD 2007

Car Free Day in Hamilton, 2007 - you could hardly see the sod for the people, and the couch. At the far end of the King Street East scene you can see the Recycle Cycle boys doing some free bike repairs. In the foreground, just to the left, Brian and Natalia do a stirring and well received hours-long set on guitar and violin and help power the friendly vibe. The rest of the crew are pictured chillin' as they enjoy the september sun.

One person actually saw the two chess sets on the grass and got off the bus at the next stop to walk back and join in. We also saw lots of puzzled looks and a few thumbs-up as people passed the scene in their vehicles.

The MacGreen crew did the hard work of greening the site with sod, which covered at least three parking spaces to make room for the parking meter party. TLC gave away dozens of cycling, waterfall, and eat local maps to passerby. Several area residents hung out and drank lemonade, and a small group of women happened by and put the rest to shame by dancing with great delight to the live music. Local roti shop Ya Man! did a brisk business with hungry cyclists and Neil the bus driver commandeered his articulated HSR bus (with front-mounted bike racks) from the site.
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car free day 2007

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