Monday, April 23, 2007

Cootes Drive in the News

The Dundas Star News is reporting that Ward One councillor Brian McHattie is pushing for a speed reduction on Cootes to a maximum 40 km/h in the vicinity of the busy pedestrian/cyclist crossing.

A good first step, acknowledging the danger of speeding vehicles to pedestrians. TLC's position, through our part of the McMaster Pedestrian Safety Committee organized by McHattie, is that speed reduction will only be effectively accomplished through redesign of the roadway, AKA "traffic calming," i.e lane narrowing or lane reduction, and eliminating the on-ramp from Main West in favour of a right turn lane.

TLC will continue to advocate for infrastructure changes that enhance the safety and security of pedestrians and cyclists.

The Dundas Star article is at and copied at the Restore Cootes "Media" page

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