Monday, March 05, 2007

Dear Terry and Karen:

Thanks for this update. I hope that some of the actions will improve the traffic situation on Campus. I think that the efforts at the main street entrance will have a positive effect in the short term. I am sure that this will need constant attention until there is a more permanent solution such as a gated entrance and exit. Thank you for your efforts to try to reduce conflict between pedestrians/cyclists and cars. I will share this information with TLC.

Cheers, Jim

Dr. James S. Quinn, Professor, Biology Department
McMaster University

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Karen and Dr. Quinn,

Karen has mentioned some of the problems which we face while trying to resolve a problem with heavy traffic using our Sterling Street entrance. This coupled with about 450 HSR buses traveling through our University Ave results in a traffic flow that we try to manage. You may have noticed the improved style of crosswalk (piano heavy making) and the installation of stop signs midway through University Ave. We have also reviewed all crosswalks throughout the university and have or will be improving them.

I met with HSR and Councilor McHattie a week ago and expressed our support for moving the almost 100 HSR - Bee Line buses back to Main Street and off of University. There is a little conflict in that many of the passengers object to having it moved from the University Core and Main Street.

Beginning next week we will assign officers at the Main Street Entrance to ensure only those who should be using it will be doing so. All permit holders will be warned and turned around. Repeated attempts will result in tickets. We will report results to you on completion.

Sgt. O'Donnell will you assign the CP officer to this detail. Log times and results and develop plan to ticket repeat offenders.



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To: jim quinn; Terry Sullivan
Subject: Re: Main Street Entrance problems

I know that when we last exchanged emails I informed you of the challenges that the University was facing with the neighborhood association regarding traffic through the community. The result of that challenge was that HPS began ticketing all truck traffic . We then reached an interim solution with the neighborhood regarding the movement of truck traffic - the result is that it is moving through campus and we have implemented stop signs and crosswalk areas as well as escort services to ensure the safety of the pedestrians and cyclists on campus.
We are challenging this action with the city of Hamilton and it is taking longer than I would like to get this resolved. I won't bore you with the legal discussions , but I can tell you that they are continuing.
We have also been in discussion with HSR to address increasing bus traffic on the campus - and we have asked specifically for some buses to be moved off of our campus - again we wait for HSR to respond. HSR is not being an active participant in trying to find a solution to the traffic concerns. We have also engaged our lawyer to assist in these discussions.
We continue to monitor the traffic on campus and Terry Sullivan and the security staff do their best to catch people who are not abiding by our traffic rules - Unfortunately we do not have dedicated traffic security staff - they must do a lot of security services all across the campus and the staffing numbers have not been increased as the budget has been reduced in this area. On top of this we now have to provide escort services to the truck traffic.

I have copied Terry on your emails and he is doing his best to address your traffic concerns . We will do our very best to increase our ticketing of the traffic violators.

Terry may want to add some additional comments to this as he is closer to the action than I am.

Karen Belaire

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