Tuesday, November 21, 2006

TLC Meeting this week

Thursday, November 23, 5:30pm TRANSPORTATION FOR LIVEABLE COMMUNITIES WORKING GROUP MEETING (open to all) - University Hall (UH) room B116

suggested agenda items:

- New Mayor and Council - let's see how we can make progress with them
- How best to move TLC's issues forward
- what are we working on?
- what should we be working on?
Projects (new and ongoing) Feel free to bring others
  • Car Free Cootes Sunday Road Closure (Sept. 2007)
  • Hatt Street Bike Lanes
  • Victoria Park Bike Path
  • Bike Racks on Buses
  • MIC/Longwood/Kirkendall Traffic
  • Governors Road safety (new school)
  • Paved Shoulders
  • North End Traffic Study
  • Pedestrian Charter (City)
  • Cootes Crossing*
  • McMaster Front Entrance*
  • Valley Inn Road
  • York Bike Lanes
(*indicated McMaster Pedestrian/Cyclist Safety committee)

I propose we end the night with Nachos and a pitcher or two at the Phoenix, with TLC buying. (subject to group approval)

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