Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hire Some Cycling Staff!

September 20, 2006

E-Mailed to Ed Switenky ; Ron Gallo ; Hart Solomon and copied to Hamilton City Council

Transportation for Liveable Communities would like to take this opportunity to draw attention to an ongoing problem.

The issue is a follows:
  1. The city cycling staff keeps changing
  2. There is no notification that there is a change
  3. We don't know if the last person (Brian Applebee) was replaced and who the new contact is
  4. As a result, our inquiries go unanswered and
  5. it is extremely difficult to follow up on outstanding projects and issues.
As a result TLC requests that the city hire a full-time cycling coordinator, as recommended in the transportation master plan:
"Create a senior staff level pedestrian and cycling coordinator position to monitor and assist in the implementation of the policies until such time that the policies are integrated into the everyday practises of the City administration." (Development of Policy Papers for Phase Two of the Transportation Master Plan for the City of Hamilton WALKING AND CYCLING POLICY PAPER)
Transportation for Liveable Communities has been a leading stakeholder on bicycle issues in the city for several years, and has consistently sought to develop and maintain positive and cooperative relationships with city council and staff on alternative transporation issues. The failure to keep us informed sends a negative signal about the city's commitment to its cycling plan, and shows a lack of consideration towards an organization that has provided valuable information and support for the implementation of the city's cycling policies. This breakdown in communication around the change in cycling staff is emblematic of the need to develop our relationship on a new footing.

In the meantime, TLC would appreciate being kept informed about changes to city cycling staff so that we can communicate our concerns and ideas directly.

For TLC,
Randy Kay www.tlchamilton.org

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