Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cycling in Hamilton: What are we waiting for? 
Transportation activists Sara and
Nov. 8, 2005

rough notes from presentation and discussion

Guests Hart Solomon and Brian Applebee (City Staff)
Heard from Brian Applebee and Hart Solomon, City of Hamilton staff:
  • there are still no full-time dedicated cycling staff positions at city
  • Shifting Gears Cycling Plan will be updated
  • Funding for on-street cycling infrastructure remains $300,000/year
  • some projects identified as "on the books"?
    • Stone Church
    • York Blvd
    • King Street West
    •  Hatt Street (Dundas)
TLC volunteers Jeff, Russ and Rob enjoying chat
and treats after presentation
York Blvd. - likely date for Environmental Assessment open house - Dec. 8 - no location/time given yet. Brian Applebee said the project would be completed in time for the 2006 cycling "season." This might be pathways on both sides of york, or on street bike lanes from dundurn to burlington border. (Burlington might upgrade their bike lanes on Plains Road)
King Street West - looking at how to bring the contra-flow lane further into westdale - problems with HSR bus stops.
Hatt Street - Dundas BIA opposes bike lanes on Hatt due to loss of a few free parking spaces - Other projects - looking good for:
  • North Service Road linking Niagara route with Confederation Park - series of low-volume on-street route combined with paved shoulder on N. Service between Grays and Fifty Road
  • Lift Bridge - water front trail - both Hamilton and Burlington are ready to make a loop under the bridge using existing tunnels on either side of the canal - these would bring cyclists to the bay side of the lift bridge for a safe crossing from and back to waterfront trail.
students and faculty commenting on
bike map routes
CP Rail - ongoing, frustration with CP rail - no incentive for them to get onside to firm up the use of their lands for a continuation of the Hamilton Brantford Rail Trail across hwy 403.
Hunter Street EA two-way bike lanes between Locke and Wellington - held up by HSR possible relocating to the GO Station on Hunter
Mountain Access - a suggestion from Daryl, Sara and Jeff about using an existing road allowance at John Street?
- Sherman access discussed - suggested moving lines to make room for bikes going up hill.
Bike racks on buses - still waiting for HSR to relocate Darts and make room for buses with racks

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