Thursday, October 20, 2005


October 20, 2005
Alan Waterfield, MCIP, RPP
Planning & Development Department
City of Hamilton
Fax: (905) 643 - 7250
RE: West Hamilton industrial area land use and servicing review.
We are writing on behalf of "Transportation for Liveable Communities" (TLC), a working group of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG), McMaster.
The planned development at the "Camco" site by McMaster presents a rare opportunity to change what is currently a dangerous but important cycling route.
TLC has long been deeply concerned with the poor infrastructure available for alternative transportation users in the area under review.
We expect that the opportunity to upgrade the cycling and pedestrian infrastructure will be central to the process and taken seriously.
It is important for all people involved in the planned development to recognize that the proposed Innovation Park will accommodate thousands of students, staff and faculty, many of whom prefer to commute by foot and bicycle.
Therefore it is important that the proposed development ameliorate the poor connectivity currently available for alternative transportation users between McMaster area as well as shopping and entertainment areas including Locke St, Hess St and downtown.
We request that the city and other stakeholders take all necessary steps to ensure that any new development in the area includes:
  • Implementation of the Shifting Gears Cycling Plan calling for bike lanes on Longwood Road South, Aberdeen to Main by modifying existing 4 lane to 3 lanes and bike lanes.
  • Shifting Gears Plan for Aberdeen, Studholme to Longwood - reconstruct and widen.
  • Safe bike routes from McMaster to entry points to the innovation park on Longwood Rd. and Frid St. by extending bike lanes along Longwood between Main Street and the Northern leg of the bike lanes at Franklin Avenue, and a connection to link the bike lanes on Sterling Street with Longwood Rd.
  • A safe bike route from the east, connecting the current routes on Charlton Avenue and Herkimer Street to the innovation park, perhaps through Chatham St.
  • A safe bike route from the proposed eastern extension to the Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail. This will probably require modifications to the current dangerous intersection at Beddoe Rd. and Aberdeen, which must include a traffic light.
  • Access to the proposed innovation park from the north east requires careful consideration. Perhaps the most reasonable solution is to accommodate bike lanes on Dundurn St.
  • Continuous (single stage) pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Main St. and Longwood Ave
  • Maintenance of the current pedestrian light located mid-way between Aberdeen Ave and Main St.
  • Of course, cycling and pedestrian routes leading to and near the proposed innovation park must continue into all destination within the park and proper bike racks must be located in front of all buildings. A bus terminal and added bus service will be necessary to accommodate public transportion users.
  • Finally, we request that TLC will formally be included as an interested party in all the proposed developmental plans and expect to receive frequent detailed updates.
In addition to the mailing address contact above, please send e-mail correspondence to:

Randy Kay and  Reuven Dukas
Sincerely yours,
For TLC.
CC Councilor Brian McHattie.